Essential oils for cough

Essential oils for cough

Essential oils for coughCoughing is viewed as a respiratory problem that is associated with some other symptoms such as cold, allergies, rashes and other similar health symptoms. Coughing can be a result of a health issue or may also be due to an allergic reaction to pollen, smoke or dust. Continuous and persistent coughs may lead to sharp pain in the throat, chest, ribs, and surrounding muscles and may also cause countless respiratory problems. Numerous medications are available for treating cough problems. Among these are included the essential oils for cough treatment. There are several oils that can help to ease and relieve pain.

What is a cough?

Coughing can either be deliberate or uncontrollable. A cough is the sudden, unexpected reflex action of the throat, chest or surrounding muscles which make it momentarily difficult to breathe and blocks the air canal, making it difficult to breathe.

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Types of Coughs

There are countless types of coughs that may require different forms of treatments. The most common types of coughs include

  • An acute cough – this is an unexplained onset of coughing and sneezing, and it may last for up to three to four weeks. If it lasts for three weeks, then that type of a cough is called an acute cough. It has a different range of causes for adults as compared to the children. The assessment techniques and treatments for adults are different. If an acute cough last longer than eight weeks (4 weeks in children), then it is called as a chronic cough; which is explained below.

           Some common causes of Acute a cough are:

Common cold,

Influenza (flu),

Inhaling an irritant.

Pneumonia, Whooping cough

A whooping cough.

  • A sub-acute cough – this is a form of coughing which may last for between four to eight weeks. As from the name, this cough is the type of an acute cough. It has same symptoms, and it also has different treatments for adults and children. So whenever you are having a cough between four to eight weeks, then don’t waste time and go to your doctor as soon as possible; because this subacute can be a bit dangerous.


Common cold

Influenza (flu)

Inhaling an irritant


Whooping cough

Acute sinusitis



  • A chronic cough – as the name indicates, this cough will last for more than eight or twelve weeks and can be very exhausting. It is a very annoying situation for the patient. Patient with a chronic cough feels difficulty in sleeping and feel exhausted. Feeling light-headedness, doing vomiting, etc. are the severe cases of a chronic cough. It is perfect to use Essential oils for cough for its treatment. These oils are also explained in detail. Read Essential oils for health.

It is difficult to tell the causes of a chronic cough. But these are some well-known causes of it:

tobacco use

postnasal drip


acid reflux

A runny nose

sore throat


difficulty in breath

Heartburn feeling

  • Productive coughing – it is not dry coughing; rather it is a cough that may bring up mucus or saliva. It is also called a ‘wet’ or ‘chesty’ a cough. Patient with this cough may have congested feelings with the rattly and tight chest. Chest pain, wheeze, flu, cold, Breathlessness and a common coldness feeling is it general symptoms. The general causes for productive or wet coughs include:


viral infections


bronchitis and

(COPD) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

  • Dry coughing – this is a type of a cough that does not produce anything It is called nonproductive cough. Best possible and fast treatment of this cough is using the below listed Essential oils for cough.

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Essential Oils That Can Be Used for Cough

There are countless types of essential oils that can be used for treating cough and cold.

  • Eucalyptus Oil – Essential oils for cough

It aids in treating cough by relaxing the lungs muscles and tissues. Moreover, it reduces any swelling that may be present in the air tract which is blocking respiration.

  • Lemon Citrus

It helps in the treatment of a cough by curing any infections that may be present.

  • Cedar wood

Cedar wood is similar to eucalyptus oil in its functions and qualities as it reduces the swelling in the air passage and makes it easier to breathe.

  • Jojoba Oil

It is helpful in curing any cough if it is used in combination with some other essential oil.

  • Cyprus oil

Cyprus oil prevents the production of fluids, mucus or phlegm in the respiratory tract and lungs.

  • Sandalwood

It is very effective in providing long-lasting treatment for a cough, cold, and infection in the upper part of the respiratory system. Furthermore, it relieves the pain and relaxes the lung and chest muscles.

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Methods of using Essential Oils

  • Add Essential Oils for cough to a Diffuser
  • Using Lozenges to Treat a Cough
  • Make a Balm or ointment with it
  • Use Tissue Aid to Release Cramming
  • Mix Lemon and Eucalyptus Oils
  • Try Massage or kneading Oil
  • Gargle with Salt Water
  • Try a Hot Bath

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